Zidani Most( = Stone Bridge = , JN76OC ,pop. under 1000 )is small town not far from the centre of Slo-venia. It is known  as important railway crossing. There  were three bridges built over the Savinja river, two of them  for railway and the third for road traffic. Last one, the oldest is made of stone and town was named by it.


In 1995, a few radioamateurs who were resident in nearby radioclubs (RC) decided to form RC of their own - RC "Zidani Most". In next three years number of members climbed to over 50.

All RC in Slovenia are members of national organi-zation of radioamateurs ZRS. When formed RC
Zidani Most  became exactly 100th member of ZRS so number 1 was given as a part of callsign (instead of num-ber 9 which is common for S5 RC calls).
Current number of members RC is 41. They don't all live in Zidani Most and  as it seems  to be in all RCs - not all of them are active.

RC's callsign is heard mostly on VHF and is regu-lary present in S5 Maraton contest, Pokupje, etc. Members of S51DZI can be heard also in S5 U/VHF, IARU VHF, Alpe Adria, etc.Operaters who passed at least Class II. (CEPT:2) are also active in HF area.

A beautiful cottage was built in Sirje, just by members of RC. Should become a centre of radio-activity when finished(See FOTO).